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Boxing-Pilates Viva Boxing + Pilates: the all in one class The Ultimate total body workout that combines fat-burning, energizing boxing moves with Pilates exercises that will tone and sculpt every muscle in your body. This fun-filled hour is perfect. Targets: arms, legs, abs, back and cardiovascular system (heart & lungs).

No Boxing-Pilates classes are currently offered this semester

Mat Pilates Transform flab into sculpted muscle and energize your life! Slim your waist, stomach and hips; strengthen and tone your muscles; relieve back, wrist, neck and shoulder pain and melt away stress. You will leave each class standing taller, looking younger and be full of energy. Non-jarring exercises are tailored to fit each student’s body. Perfect for men/women, ages 15 and up and all fitness levels. Targets: Abs, back, posture, balance and flexibility.

Currently offered at: Bala Cynwyd (Tue, Thu)

Power Pilates Take your Mat Pilates to the next level with this fast-paced combo of standing and advanced Pilates exercises. You will build strength, endurance and you will sweat. Most have taken at least 20 Mat Pilates classes. For men/women ages 15 and up.

No Power Pilates classes are currently offered this semester

Yoga Yoga: The Ultimate Anti-aging and Stress-Buster Exercise!<br/> Stretch, tone and strengthen every part of your body in a slow, gentle way. Improve your posture, relieve back and neck pain as you look and feel younger. Learn how deep breathing eases stress and expels toxins. Perfect for men/women, ages 12 and up and all fitness levels. Wear exercise attire and bring a yoga mat.

No Yoga classes are currently offered this semester

Yoga-Pilates Yoga/Pilates Combo: Pilates abs combined with yoga postures that build strength and endurance to tone your whole body and calm/center your mind. Target: Balance, flexibility, stress release, abs, back and posture.

No Yoga-Pilates classes are currently offered this semester

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