Specialty Fitness Programs/Classes


Family Yoga Viva Family Yoga – The ultimate family bonding experience. Family Yoga is fun, joyful and peaceful. This 45 minute class begins with partner poses that kids and adults do together to upbeat music. Followed by age-appropriate yoga poses, breathing, movement games, and relaxation. This class builds confidence, self-esteem, and strong healthy bodies. Children and parents will practice how to focus and center themselves though breathing and relaxation. No yoga experience required. The class caters to children 5 and up. Bring the whole family, even grandparents, cousins and aunts, uncles. Price is per participant. Bring a yoga mat and two yoga blocks for each participant. Blocks can be purchased in class for $20 per a two block set. For more information, contact. Viva Community Fitness, 856-751-0095, info@vivacommunityfitness.com

No Family Yoga classes are currently offered this semester

Healthy Back Workshop Learn what causes those nagging back spasms. You will master 4 simple yet effective techniques to strengthen the muscles that support your back so that it stays healthy and strong. You can practice these 4 techniques throughout your day.

No Healthy Back Workshop classes are currently offered this semester

Meditation This 30 minute guided and seated meditation class can be done on the floor or in a chair. All ages are welcome and no prior meditation experience needed. Each class can be modified to match a beginner or an experienced meditator. You will learn how focusing on breath and body awareness releases stress while increasing calmness, clarity of mind, concentration and inner peace. For all fitness levels, ages 13 and up.

No Meditation classes are currently offered this semester

Natural Health Workshop Do you have daily aches, pains, worries, concerns and lack vitality? Then Viva Natural Health: Owning Your Body is for you. Learn how the human body is supposed to function; create an optimal environment for your mind, body and spirit to thrive and for your body to heal. Your ideas about health and wellness will shift radically as you learn how easy it is to tap into the power everyone has within them to feel more vibrant. You will choose what want to do every day rather than your aches and pains choosing.

No Natural Health Workshop classes are currently offered this semester

Strengthen the Bones Strengthen the Bones Full body, muscular conditioning workout filled with resistance exercises that strengthen and tone with little impact on your joints. Targets abs, back, hips, thighs and uses equipment to enhance, firm, and empower your overall well-being. A specialized program for people with osteoporosis, arthritis or those that want to strengthen their bones. Wear comfortable exercise attire, bring a mat (go to www.vivacommunityfitness.com go to store to buy a mat) and a smile.

No Strengthen the Bones classes are currently offered this semester

Tennis for Adults Tennis instructions for 18yrs and up.

No Tennis for Adults classes are currently offered this semester

Tennis for Children Tennis instruction for children 10 - 17 yrs old.

No Tennis for Children classes are currently offered this semester

Viva Kids Yoga Viva Kids Yoga: The Energy Booster, Mind Focuser and Stress-Buster Exercise Yoga poses, stretches and focus skills will be tailored to meet the needs of kids ages 6 and up. Learn how to Stretch, tone and strengthen every part of your body in a slow yet effective way. Learn how deep breathing eases stress, attention disorders, anxiety and how yoga postures build strength and endurance, improve concentration, memory, IQ, mood and our ability to focus and retain things. Class will combine yoga postures, games and breathing exercises. and Perfect for all fitness levels. Wear exercise attire and bring a mat (go to www.vivacommunityfitness.com to purchase a mat). Targets: Balance, flexibility, stress release, abs, back and posture

No Viva Kids Yoga classes are currently offered this semester

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