Viva Kids Yoga

Viva Kids Yoga: The Energy Booster, Mind Focuser and Stress-Buster Exercise Yoga poses, stretches and focus skills will be tailored to meet the needs of kids ages 6 and up. Learn how to Stretch, tone and strengthen every part of your body in a slow yet effective way. Learn how deep breathing eases stress, attention disorders, anxiety and how yoga postures build strength and endurance, improve concentration, memory, IQ, mood and our ability to focus and retain things. Class will combine yoga postures, games and breathing exercises. and Perfect for all fitness levels. Wear exercise attire and bring a mat (go to to purchase a mat). Targets: Balance, flexibility, stress release, abs, back and posture

Offered at the following locations on the days listed:

No Viva Kids Yoga classes are currently scheduled.

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Equipment Needed

Mat You can purchase this equipment at a local sports retailer or quickly and securely at our Viva Community Fitness Amazon aStore.

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