How to get started

Pick a class and register:

  1. Browse our program descriptions to see what class or classes you want to take, or browse our class locations to see what classes are located near you. We offer a full range of fitness programs, at a NJ or PA location near you.
  2. Click on the desired class’ location and time to get details on that class. The class details page will have information on how to register for the class; generally a link to a community's website or a registration form.
  3. Go to the community’s website to register online and pay with a credit card or
  4. Download that site’s registration form; mail the form and a check (made out to the township) to the address on the form.
  5. Obtain any equipment necessary for the class, such as a yoga mat or exercise ball; this will also be listed on the class's details page
  6. Attend the class, your canceled check is your receipt.

Policies and Pricing

Flexible Attendance Policy

If you miss any classes during the session you are registered for, you can make-up the missed classes at any Viva Community Fitness Location except Mount Laurel, NJ. Just check the schedule and go to the class. Tell the teacher you are making up a class. Make-up must be used during the session you are registered for; it cannot carry over to another session.


Costs are listed on each township or hospital's website. A link to their website (and/or phone number) is listed on every location's page. Contact us if you have any questions or if the information's incorrect or missing.